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Oil Thief

The Oil Thief can be customized to suit your sampling needs. Its approximate shipping weight is between 8-10 lbs depending on the material and size of the barrel.

Internal Valve (Left), External Valve (Right)

Oil Thief Features

  • A simple device for taking accurate samples.
  • Each oil thief weighs approximately 8-10 lbs.
  • Standard barrel lengths are 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, and 24.”(Custom barrel lengths are available upon request.)
  • Barrels are available in plastic, Pyrex glass, polished brass, or aluminum.
  • All barrels, except for Pyrex, can be available with sample cock(s)(Part# O0022) upon request.
  • Lowering devices can be your choice of either brass chain or braided rope with fittings.

Oil Thief Models

PART # Description
OT12BB Oil Thief BRZ 12" Brass Barrel
OT12BP Oil Thief BRZ 12" Plastic Barrel
OT12PY Oil Thief BRZ 12" Pyrex Barrel
OT14BB Oil Thief BRZ 14" Brass Barrel
OT14BP Oil Thief BRZ 14" Plastic Barrel
OT14PY Oil Thief BRZ 14" Pyrex Barrel
OT16BB Oil Thief BRZ 16" Brass Barrel
OT16BP Oil Thief BRZ 16" Plastic Barrel
OT16PY Oil Thief BRZ 16" Pyrex Barrel
OT18BB Oil Thief BRZ 18" Brass Barrel
OT18BP Oil Thief BRZ 18" Plastic Barrel
OT18PY Oil Thief BRZ 18" Pyrex Barrel
OT24BB Oil Thief BRZ 24" Brass Barrel
OT24BP Oil Thief BRZ 24" Plastic Barrel
OT24PY Oil Thief BRZ 24" Pyrex Barrel


Standard Parts

PART #  Description
O0001 Body
O0002 Top Ring
O0003 Valve
O0003A O-Ring Valve Seal
O0004 Torque Spring
O0007 Torque Adjust Nut
O0016 TR Trip Rod
O0216 Trip Rod Sleeve
O0028 Sleeve Spring
O0020 Sleeve Spring Ret.
O0011A Bail Assy
O0027 Keyring, Bail Assy
O0021 Hanger
O16 PB Plastic Barrel
M1012 Cork Gasket
X0T09 Brass Thumbscrew
X0T14 Bolt, Bail Assy
X0T17 Brass Acorn Nut
X0T2 Bolt, Clutch
X0T24 Brass Nut, Trip Rod


  1. For samples at tank bottom, lower the Oil Thief until it bumps bottom, tripping the rod and closing the valve.
  2. For samples as much as 8” from tank bottom, set trip rod to the desired distance below the Thief bottom.
  3. Thief can be tripped at any depth by jerking on the line