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If the following does not answer your question(s), please feel free to call us at (888) 906-0829 during our normal business hours, which are between 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (C.S.T.), Monday through Friday


Q: Where can I get technical assistance regarding a hand primer or hand pump?

A: You can call our toll free number: (888) 906-0829, or you can refer to our catalog, which can be mailed to you upon your request

Q: Where can I get technical assistance regarding a motorized pump or power primer?

A: You can send your question to sa***@pr*************.com, or call our toll free number: (888) 906-0829.

Q: How come my primer/pump won’t prime?

A: One of the causes could be leaks or breaks in the line. Another cause might be the check valve getting stuck in either the up position or the down position. The way to fix this problem would be to make sure that the check essays writing service valve is able to move up and down freely without getting stuck in any one position.

Q: How do I know when it’s time to replace the diaphragm on my primer/pump?

A: If you start to notice any tears or cracks in the diaphragm, then it would definitely be time to replace it. However, if you are using a Hand Diaphragm Primer where you might not be able to see the diaphragm, then the only way to be able to tell that something might be wrong with the diaphragm is if your primer isn’t priming the way it used to. The only way to check the diaphragm in this case would be to disassemble the primer and examine the diaphragm for any tears or cracks.

Q: What does a repair kit consist of?

A: The repair kits for the DP Series can be found on the bottom of the DP parts page, and the repair kits for the HP Series can be found at the bottom of the HP Parts page.

Q: What kinds of motors are available for power primers?

A: ½HP-1HP single and three phase AC motors, 1HP DC, 3.0-5.5HP Gas Honda, and 3 ½ Briggs & Stratton.

Q: What kinds of motors are available for motorized hand pumps?

A: (See answers for question above.)

Q: How do I know which primer or pump would best suit my needs?

A: The best way to choose which primer or pump would work best for you would be to call technical assistance at (888) 906-0829.

Q: How do I know which exhaust primer would work best for me?

A: There are two pieces of information needed in order to decide on which exhaust primer will work best for you. First, the cubic inch displacement of your engine would determine which ejector would go on your exhaust primer. For example, a 250/300 would work best if your engine has a displacement between 250 and 300, and a 400/500 would work best of your engine has a displacement between 400 and 500. Second, the size of your exhaust pipe would determine what size adapter we should put on the exhaust primer. Our adapter sizes are available on the EP Parts page.

Q: What’s the difference between a hand diaphragm primer and a hand diaphragm pump?

A: The Hand Diaphragm Primer is designed to evacuate air from a pump suction line. The Hand Diaphragm Pump, or hand pump, also does this but also evacuates liquids (i.e. water, gray water, and other liquids) based on the type of material of the diaphragm.


Q: Where is Protek Specialty Company located?

A: We are located in Houston TX.

Q: Where can I get a quote on your products?

A: You can call us toll free at (888) 906-0829 and ask for current pricing, or you can call to request for a price sheet to be mailed to you.

Q: Where can I find a Protek distributor in my area?

A: Contact a Protek Specialty representative and they will give you the company name(s) and contact information for any distributor(s) in your area, or any distributor(s) closest to you.

Q: What do I need in order to become a distributor of Protek Specialty Company?

A: In order to become one of our distributors, you will need to place an initial order of at least $2,000.00.

Q: How can I set up an account with Protek Specialty Company?

A: You can set up an account with us by sending us two credit references by fax at (713) 667-7867, or you can request a credit application by calling our office at (713) 667-6691.

Q: How can I contact a Protek Specialty Company representative?

A: You can send your inquiries to sa***@pr*************.com, or call us at (888) 906-0829. If you wish to correspond by mail, you can mail your inquiries to:

Protek Specialty Co
PO Box 478
Bellaire, TX 77402
Main office: (713) 667-6691







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