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Manifold Primer

THEMANIFOLD PRIMER/Water Trap (MP) is a device positioned between a water pump being primed and a source of vacuum pulling the water. It is designed to stop water flow...

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Power Primer

THE POWER PRIMER is built for fast and efficient priming in pump installations with high suction lifts or extra suction lines. Our motorized line of power primers com...

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Hand Diaphragm Primer

THE HAND DIAPHRAGM PRIMER IS AN AIR PUMP(DP) that creates vacuum in a centrifugal pump priming line and pulls water up into the pump to prime it. The DP has a flapper ...

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Exhaust Primer

Exhaust Primers (EP) are comprised of an Ejector and cast iron Adapter that has a cap and handle attached. Unit operates on low engine exhaust pressure. When exhaust v...

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